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Can Pilates Improve My Golf Swing?

[lightbox link=”” thumb=”×150.jpg” width=”150″ align=”left” title=”Improve Your Golf Swing” frame=”true” icon=”image”]What’s the first thing that runs through your mind when you think about your next golf game?
Is it pain? Maybe it’s the frustration of a golf swing that just isn’t quite right anymore.

Golf may appear leisurely, but in reality it requires joint flexibility, core strength, neuromuscular training, concentration, and the ability to find that sweet spot between stability and mobility.

The swing.

Everything hinges on that small moment in time, that complex, coordinated movement. The key to a successful golf swing is more than just balance. It’s about being in the flow.

Core Benefits of Pilates Training

Pilates exercise targets the way the body moves together. The starting point is the core, but it relies on mental awareness and the ability to connect your thoughts and attention to the intricate movements of your body.

Precision, breath, balance. Pilates teaches you to be more in tune with your body than you ever were before. It’s that intuitive response to your muscles and the practice of focus that will not only help your golf swing, but it will help prevent injury as well.

But Why Pilates?

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Rocco Mediare, David Duval, Butch Harmon, Carin Coch and Kelli Kuehn are just a few golf pros who regularly practice Pilates in order to strengthen their muscles, improve their form and avoid injuries…but why Pilates?

Improve Your Golf Swing – Pilates is the ideal discipline to strengthen core muscles. When you gain core strength, you have a two-fold advantage: An increased ability to stabilize your body along with more power to initiate movement from core muscles. Pilates also focuses on flexibility and stretching your muscles, providing more mobility and rotation. All together this adds up to a more powerful, stable, and efficient golf swing.

Improve Your Concentration – Golf is also a mental game. Concentration, flow, and awareness are at the foundation of Pilates. Every movement is intentional. Improved concentration will raise your awareness and allow you to make those minor adjustments to your golf swing.

Preventing Golf Injuries – Because Pilates strengthens the weaker muscles and helps achieve overall balance, you’ll be able to naturally avoid many of the injuries common to avid and professional golfers.

A Program Just for You

Because every person I train is unique, I will create a specific Pilates conditioning program with core movements that target your particular needs.

The major phases of the golf swing are the setup (or address), the backswing, downswing, impact and follow-through. By assessing your individual performance during each of these phases, lengthening tight muscles and strengthening weaker muscles to create balance, we will advance your game, improve your overall fitness, while preventing injury.

Specific Areas Pilates Can Improve

When you look at the golf swing from a biomechanics perspective, it is a complex chain of movement that works the entire body, but not in symmetrical patterning. Addressing physical limitations or weak areas through Pilates creates symmetry and coordination, increases range of motion and establishes the coordinated muscle-firing necessary for an improved swing.

Here’s an example. Let’s say your technique seems to be off. You can alter it by changing your stance, your grip or your hip turn ratio. But that doesn’t actually address the underlying core limitation. The fault in any golf swing is in the body itself. It could be weak wrists or a lack of flexibility, poor core strength, etc. Bottom line, Pilates exercise addresses the problem at it’s core, so the strain of adjusting a technique is removed. Pilates is all about creating fluid, precise movement that agrees with the natural strength of your body. If the strength is missing in an area, we address and improve it.

Correcting physical faults such as backswing sway, lower-body lunge, casting, poor swing rotation and reverse spine dipping are all addressed with proper strengthening exercises, instead of repositioning a body that isn’t strong enough in a certain area to handle the adjustment. This is how injury is prevented, and this is how we help add years to your enjoyment of the game.

Whether you’re interested in preventing injury, improving your swing, or both, we invite you to give us a call. Come in and allow us to assess your swing and develop a conditioning program just for you.

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