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March 3, 2022
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www.balancedbody.com:Fun at the Beach with Balanced Body

Fun at the Beach with Balanced Body

Here’s an exercise program that not only creates results but is fun in the sun with a bit of Vitamin D to the mix. 

1.Balance Squat

Placing each foot on the balance cushion to start activating body balance. Arms extended in front at shoulder level shoulder width. Be mindful of maintaining upper body posture … ears over shoulders, shoulders over hips- the crown of the head to the sky. Sit back in your hip by flexing your hips, knees, and ankles as if sitting in a chair. And finish by driving back to starting position.

2. Balanced Push-Up 

Start by placing hands on the balance cushion as close to the outside edges as possible.  Position your body into a plank with knees bent on the ground and help activate your Glutes by squeezing your bum.

Next Pulling the plank down towards the cushion while maintaining a rigid posture, long neck, and shoulders away from ears throughout the movement.
Finish exercise by returning to high plank on knees position.

3. Balanced Knee Tucks 

Start the exercise by sitting on the balance cushion. Tuck knees into your chest while placing your hands behind you comfortably. Lean back, extend both legs forward while balancing the upper and lower body. Then, lift the upper body and simultaneously tuck knees in.

4. Bridges on Balance Cushion 

Placing both feet in balance cushion, slowly lowering down to Mat. Placing arms on the side of body palms facing up towards the sky. Tucking shoulder blades underneath your body. Creating space between your shoulders in your ears while laying down. Slowly lifting hip towards the sky while pushing even pressure through the feet onto the balance cushion. Slowly lowering bridge back down to the Mat maintaining equal distance between knees, feet, and hips.

For more information, please click here:https://thecore.balancedbody.com/fun-at-the-beach-with-balanced-body/

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