www.balancedbody.com:Josh Harris and the Athletic Benefits of Pilates

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May 3, 2022
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www.balancedbody.com:Josh Harris and the Athletic Benefits of Pilates

Josh Harris and the Athletic Benefits of Pilates

We got the chance to speak with Joshua Harris, a former NFL player and founder of Peak Work in Dallas, Texas about the incorporation of Pilates in his training routine and how it differs from professional athletic training!

What are some examples of how Pilates and your athletic training differ?
Pilates works a lot of small muscle groups that I do not get to work on the field or in the gym. It also incorporates a lot of flexibility and mobility which are both are essential for improving athleticism.

How is Pilates complimentary to sport specific and performance training
Pilates works on core strength, spine extension, and flexibility, which are all things that will improve and aid my performance training.

When you do Pilates, how do you feel after a session vs. your typical workout?
After a typical workout session I feel tired, tight, drained. After a pilates session I feel very loose, lengthened, but still feel like I have just completed a tough workout.

How did you hear about Pilates?
Pilates is something that I have always known about but never tried it until I met someone who is a skilled pilates instructor and took her class. Once I took that class and saw the immediate respond my body had, I had to add it to my workout regiment.

Name some of the exercises which were your favorite and/or most challenging?
Teaser, side kick series and pulling straps are favorite/most challenging

Share anything else you’d like about your experience with Pilates
I love pilates and recommend it to everyone, especially athletes.

For more information, please click here:https://thecore.balancedbody.com/josh-harris-the-athletic-benefits-of-pilates/

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