www.coastalspine.com:Eight of the Most Common Activities That Cause Back Pain

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www.coastalspine.com:Eight of the Most Common Activities That Cause Back Pain

April 15, 2019 | Back Pain

If you’re experiencing chronic back pain, you’d likely do anything to get rid of it. The trouble is back pain can have lots of different causes, from lifestyle to sleep habits to footwear. Here’s a list of some of the most common causes of an aching back; any combination of these could be affecting your comfort:

  1. Sitting or lying down for extended periods, including working a desk job. If you have a job that requires you to sit extensively, try taking short walks, standing, or changing positions as much as possible. 
  2. Exercising without proper stretching beforehand. If you plan to hike the New Jersey trails, play volleyball on the beach, or take a strenuous swim in the ocean, make sure you stretch out ahead of time. 
  3. Lifting heavy objects. Use proper form when lifting to reduce the risk of putting too much stress on your back muscles. 
  4. Wearing heavy backpacks or purses. If you commonly carry a heavy backpack or purse, invest in a high-quality bag that will distribute the weight evenly and help ease the pain. 
  5. Driving in traffic. Sitting in heavy New Jersey traffic can strain your back as well as your nerves. Stretch out, move your body as much as is safely possible, and keep yourself relaxed. 
  6. Sleeping or spending extended periods of time on your stomach. Try changing up your sleeping position. You may also find you’ll get back pain on the New Jersey beaches while tanning. A good tip while tanning on your stomach is to grab a light towel to roll up and place under your hips. That’ll alleviate the pressure on your spine. 
  7. Wearing shoes without good support. Unless you’re at the beach, make a habit of wearing shoes that support your joints and spine. 
  8. Inconsistent exercise. If you work at a sedentary job all week and then dive right into exercise on the weekend, you’re likely to experience some discomfort. Jumping straight into intense work on the tennis courts or swinging hard on the golf course is a really common source of back pain in New Jersey. Try to keep your exercise somewhat consistent, and always stretch beforehand.

If you find one of these activities is causing you to suffer with back pain in New Jersey or surrounding area, schedule an appointment with one of Coastal Spine’s specialists today!

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