Using a combination of dynamic stretching and vibration foam rolling led to improvements in range of motion, agility, muscle stiffness and more for badminton athletes, according to a study in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine (2020; 19 [2], 420–28).

Dynamic stretching is considered a more sport-specific warmup than static stretching and is used mostly to improve ROM. Sports medicine researchers from the Kaohsiung Medical University in Taiwan wanted to evaluate whether adding a new technology tool like the vibration foam roller [VFR] would improve the benefits of warming up before sports performance.

Investigators compared dynamic stretching alone with dynamic stretching plus VFR in 40 badminton athletes.

Data analysis showed that dynamic stretching alone significantly improved knee ROM, jump height and agility, but this protocol also increased thigh and calf muscle stiffness. With the combination approach, muscle stiffness decreased.

Study authors recommend adding VFR to dynamic stretching, not only to improve athletic performance but also to reduce injury risk.

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