www.runnersworld.com:Inside the Doctor’s Office: Shinsplints

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August 18, 2018
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www.runnersworld.com:Inside the Doctor’s Office: Shinsplints

Inside the Doctor’s Office: Shinsplints

Dr. Metzl invites you in his office to show you how to keep shinsplints at bay.

Shinsplints are a common ailment that afflicts many runners. In this video Dr. Jordan D. Metzl, a New York City based sports medicine physician, shows you how to recognize the difference between Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome, Tibial Spine Pain, and Exertional Compartment Syndrome as well as techniques to effectively treat each problem and how to prevent them from returning.

The complete series of Inside the Doctor’s Office videos from Dr. Jordan Metzl can be found here.

Dr. Jordan Metzl, an avid runner and triathlete, is an award winning sports medicine physician at Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City and best selling author.

His books include The Athlete’s Book of Home Remedies and his newest title with Runner’s World, Dr. Jordan Metzl’s Running Strong.

For more information, please click here:https://www.runnersworld.com/video/a20847309/inside-the-doctors-office-keep-shinsplints-away/

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