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"While in the Naples, Fl area I was looking for a Pilates trainer to help me maintain and improve my core strength and overall strength and flexibility. Pilates, Fitness and Therapeutics was the perfect fit and a very professional environment. In addition, knowing that I had a certified athletic trainer with a sports background gave me the confidence and trust which allowed me to make great progress in my conditioning. I would highly recommend Jennifer as an experienced professional trainer who was able to listen and develop a very effective individual program for my needs."


“Jennifer’s knowledge and expertise have transformed me in such a short time! She zeroed in on the body parts that have always been a source of pain and she tailor made out workouts to strengthen those muscles that had become so weak. Physical therapy and weekly visits with a massage therapist are a thing of the past! Jennifer’s professionalism and concern for my well being is more than exceptional. Over he past few months, not only has my body been transformed but my state of mind as well. The time spent with her is one that I always look forward to each week. The benefits of Pilates untie care of Jennifer is one that everyone should experience- I highly recommend her!”


“Jennifer is well versed in the classical techniques of Pilates but is always thinking outside of the box. She easily evaluates my body’s imbalances and customizes a routine. It is always a challenge and it is always fun!”


“Exercise has never been one of my favorite pastimes. I am not one for group classes and always found an excuse for not making it to the gym.  Realizing I needed to incorporate some form of strengthening into my life, a friend suggested I try Pilates. I researched several other studios and knew that Pilates, Fitness and Therapeutics was the perfect match for me.  The studio is well equipped and Jennifer’s knowledge and expertise is second to none.  I am amazed at the changes in my posture, physical strength and and appearance and would highly recommend Jennifer for their fitness and therapeutic needs.”


“I have been taking Pilates instruction from Jennifer for approximately one year now.  When I first started these classes, I was completely out of shape and my posture was terrible.  Working with Jennifer was fun, yet got the results I wanted — and it didn’t take long either.  I am a very satisfied customer and would recommend her to anyone.”


“Jennifer has been able to design my pilates experience to fit my knee, shoulder, & neck issues.  After our sessions I feel accomplished & I notice that I walk just a little taller without pain.  Being pain free is wonderful. KUDOS!”


“For me, Pilates, Fitness and Therapeutics ( “PFT”) is simply the best option to reach my fitness goals.  PFT provides a meticulously clean studio, which includes a full compliment of specially designed equipment and accessories.  Most importantly, my individualized routine is carefully designed and monitored by Jennifer Gerali, a highly trained and experienced fitness professional”


“I have been taking pilates from Jennifer for a little over a year.  With an arthritic back, I wasn’t sure I would be able to do what was required.  Jennifer was very patient, but pushed me to do more each week.  I  am walking better, my balance has improved and I believe it is all from the pilates.  I’m definitely a fan!”


“Pilates for me has been wonderful!  When I developed spinal stenosis, and first had to slow my jogging to a walk, and finally to stop tennis, I discovered Jennifer Gerali. With the help of Pilates, the strength developed in my abdominal muscles has reduced the stress on my back to the degree that lower back pain now varies from hardly any to none. Thank you, Jennifer!”


“I contacted Jennifer Gerali about two years ago, after extensive surgery to repair my right rotator cuff. I had asked my doctor, Dr. James Guerra, if it was appropriate to begin Pilates, with the intention of healing and strengthening my rotator, so I could get back on the tennis courts. Dr. Guerra was most supportive and when I mentioned Jennifer’s name, he was all smiles. “She was my patient,” he exclaimed most proudly. “I endorse her completely.” It was when she presented me with a legal release form, to be signed by my surgeon that I knew Ms. Gerali was the REAL DEAL. She was not going to start moving parts around without the doctor’s consent. And then there was the private consultation – in an immaculate setting that gave me total confidence that this woman meant Business – capital B! Her questions during the consultation were concise, professional and all-knowing. I soon found out she had a similar surgery to mine and knew every bone and muscle in the body – and was quick to quiz me on my knowledge of what was going on in various body parts.  We became partners in rehabilitating my broken body – she would do her part, as long as I did mine. That meant sticking to a clean diet, exercising slowly and methodically in the beginning, coming twice a week – and on time, going the limit on everything she asked me to do. She saved my tennis serve and encouraged me to tone and test this 71 year- old body to a point where I am competing with women half my age – and enjoying every minute, pain free. Ms. Gerali is professional, competent, extremely knowledgeable, funny, fair, a great listener. Like I said – THE REAL DEAL.”


This letter is intended to share my experience and opinion of the Pilates, Fitness, and Therapeutics. I have high regard for Jennifer Gerali, who owns and operates this fitness studio. When I discovered Jennifer a year ago, as a new resident to Naples, I had no idea how lucky I was to find such an excellent trainer. Jennifer is not only exceptionally qualified, but she is also dedicated and conscientious, very committed to making certain that you get the attention and the fitness regimen that suits your specific needs. Because of Jennifer’s extensive experience and certification, I have total confidence in her guidance of training exercises. I know that each session will make a difference and keep me free of injury while I work at becoming fit. Jennifer maintains a studio that is clean, relaxing and very private. She has state of the art exercise technology, Pilates equipment, and plenty of space to move about comfortably. I highly recommend Pilates, Fitness and Therapeutics and Jennifer Gerali. Your experience will be gratifying and fun.


Both my family and I have benefited from Jennifer’s well-organized personal training programs. What immediately comes to mind is her ability to provide clear instruction and a no- nonsense approach to body awareness and the importance of the nuances of movement.  Bodies are fine-tuned and we have learned by her instruction to pay close attention to the body’s dialogue and the responsibility we all have when it comes to maintaining our overall health both in physical exercise and a commitment to nutritional meals. Being an accomplished athlete who has demonstrated excellent self-discipline both in sports and recovery from injuries, you can feel proud that you are respected as a role model. We have been honored to know you for almost a decade.


I initially went to Jennifer Gerali for help with chronic lower back pain, hip pain and sciatica pain. Jennifer recommended that we start with the Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) program. About halfway through the program, I started to notice that my posture improved and I was able to walk without leaning to one side. After completing the MAT program, I no longer have lower back pain or any sciatica pain. A surprising result was that since I now have better range of motion, I’m hitting golf balls about 10 yards further than before the program. I would recommend the MAT program to anyone who is interested in restoring their bodies.


I started doing Pilates 2½ years ago. My goal was to increase strength but more importantly to increase flexibility and decrease pain. Due to an accident, my neck had become very stiff and caused me a great deal of pain and discomfort. Now, thanks to Jennifer, I am no longer an Advil addict and have a much better quality of life


Thanks to working with Jennifer in her Pilates sessions, I have never achieved such strength in my legs following a biking accident a decade ago. It has also significantly enhanced my flexibility and changed my body shape.